Youth Exchange Program

Since 1965 the Rotary Club of Lake George had been sending local students abroad and receiving foreign students in their place for a full year of study. The students were hosted by local families, usually 3 of them during the course of the year.

Unfortunately, due to lack of interest on the part of local families to host foreign students and a lack of interest by local students to go abroad, the Rotary Club of Lake George has suspended the year-long academic exchange. Short-term, summer exchanges that are directly family to family are still possible. Contact Donna Prime at 668-0176 if you are interested.

Over the years exchanges have been made with:

AustraliaEnglandMexico             Ecuador
BelgiumJapanPhilippines         Bolivia
FinlandArgentinaThe Netherlands Sweden
FranceBrazilGermany             Denmark

The purpose of the program is to foster goodwill and promote tolerance and understanding for different cultures and ways of doing things. It is open to students 16 to 18 years old. They may take their Junior, Senior or immediate postgraduate year abroad. It is a marvelous chance at very little expense, to experience another culture, make friends from all over the world and learn another language fluent